2C & 2D have passed!

A huge thanks to the voters, supporters, volunteers, endorsers and donors who made this win happen. Thanks also to everyone who has pushed Boulder and Xcel forward on decarbonization.

What’s next?

It’s time to come together as a community and pursue this path to meaningful and swift climate action.

The Boulder city staff and city council are already moving towards implementing the will of the voters. The municipalization wind-down has begun and council will begin redirecting the city staff to climate action projects. The city will present the list of the first of $33 million in electric line undergrounding projects to Xcel shortly, with the undergrounding work to begin soon thereafter. The city is actively working with our state legislators on drafting climate action bills to be introduced in early January, including modifying or eliminating the statewide 120% solar rooftop rule, which Xcel will support. And, earlier this week, the city-Xcel partnership officially launched, implementing innovative climate action projects that can be replicated by cities throughout Colorado and across the country.

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